Photographe voyage Bhoutan, Bhutan travel photographer Sylvain Bouzat.
26 January 2016 | Travel

Trip to Bhutan

In Bhutan, everything is calm and time passes slowly, in harmony with the Himalayan mountainous setting and the Buddhist customs that permeate the culture and daily life with serenity. I took a great breath of fresh air in contact with this gentle people and out of time and fashion effects.

I invite you in my turn to take a break…breathe and travel in images…

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Voyage au Guatemala par le photographe Sylvain Bouzat, reportage documentaire et humain.
27 January 2015 | Travel

Trip to Guatemala

After a beautiful wedding season, I decide to get my backpack with a destination that was unknown to me: Guatemala. This month-long trip is different from the previous ones.

Even though I beat the call of my friends, I didn’t really have a “on the field” feedback return. And what a surprise arrived there! Incredible colors everywhere. On the buses, on the clothes, on the walls of all the houses…

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