Buddhism wedding photographer

The Buddhist commitment

A Buddhist wedding or more accurately a Buddhist commitment doesn’t have the occidental conception of wedding. This is not a religious sacrament or a legal contract. The Buddhist wedding is quite simply acknowledgment of a human relationship by relatives and friends. The Buddhist monk(s) form this union by giving their blessings. Your Buddhist wedding photographer stays at your side for your Buddhist commitment by helping you to get your union ready so that he can take the best photos of your wedding. Backed by the experience of travelling for several months through Burma/Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand/Siam, your wedding photographer came back from this trip with a better knowledge and an increased respect for Buddhism. The calm atmosphere in temples, the mastering of meditation and the incredible purity of the Buddhist monks’ souls have been taken in photos and were the subject of photographic exhibitions.

Contact me to discuss your project, I will be honoured to make the reportage of your Buddhist commitment and to give you back the most beautiful photos of emotion and share all along this unique day… I also invite you to watch the photo reportage of the Buddhist wedding of Alexandra and Cyril.

Une moine bouddhiste durant un mariage bouddhiste en train de prier. Buddhism wedding photographer