Wedding photos retouch

Top-of-the-range wedding photos and digital development

The photo retouch, a slightly derogatory term, is actually called digital development. This isn’t about modifying, falsifying, altering or making up for a picture of low quality, but it’s more about enhancing a photo taken with the right settings, the right framing.

A painting in an exhibition is never on the floor in a gallery’s corner, without lights. It was hung on carefully at the right height, emphasized by a beautiful lighting. The digital processing of a photo is pretty much the same concept  : to highlight a photo in a distribution context.

This is in our case about subtle and natural processing to exploit to the max the qualities of a simple photo  : to intensify an emotion by contrasting the photo slightly, to turn a photo into a powerful and timeless photo by turning it into black and white and black, or to play with a few tints as well to enhance an interesting light seized as soon as the picture is taken.

This is a long and interesting processus that the wedding photographer has to know perfectly to be able to deliver coherent wedding reportage in terms of tints and colors harmonization. Your wedding photographer spends between 4 and 6 days for an appropriate digital processing and takes care of every single photo, one after another. It is normal to remind you that other photographers don’t go through that step and deliver directly their simple photos, without adding this magic that will make a photo sublime.

A unique style and typical of the photographer

Each top-of-the-range wedding photographer owns a specific style. This is when the term «  love at first sight  » comes in. We first choose a photographer for the quality of his photos. This is the first step but these are not the only qualities that an excellent photographer must own. He learned how to seize the good moments, to take powerful photos, then to highlight them thanks to a natural digital development and of quality. Furthermore, he also has to own very good human and relational qualities. A wedding isn’t just about photos but also about interactions, exchanges, a living story of a day in which the photographer has a role to play, while staying discreet when he moves and when he stands. Choosing a photographer (and the right one  !) is very important. From the shot to the wedding album, the best wedding photographers master completely all the steps of the process and deliver to you photos of quality, full of emotions and which look like you.

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