Wedding photos album

The book medium or photo album has somewhat disappeared and is clearly less used since the rise of the digital photo. It is easier to look at photos on screen, since we use many of them on a daily basis (computers, smartphones, tablets, TV…). However, the wedding photo book keeps its reputation and offers more than ever a privileged experience in how to look your wedding photos. This book is unique, authentic : this is your wedding’s book. Your wedding photographer offers you a range of wedding photo albums of high quality, selected amongst the best specialised editors.

Prestigious box set

Real photo book in its personalised set, with rooms for DVDs revealing the most beautiful photographs, your wedding’s story is disclosed in this wonderful photo book, panoramic size with 40 pages and the DVD including all photos.

Luxurious wedding art album

When the fabrication of a photo album equals the goldsmith’s trade; A unique savoir-faire, noble materials : so many emotions gathered in a 40 pages book. A top-of-the-range album that will know how to carry you away every time you will read it. Your photographer is at your service to personalise your wedding photo album, contact him to talk about your wishes.