Swiss Alps Wedding Photographer

Photographe mariage Alpes suisses

Swiss Alps wedding photographer, a couple kiss in the mountain, photographe mariage Alpes suisses

Swiss Alps Wedding Photographer

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I am a wedding photographer who travels to Switzerland, Europe and the world to document and tell the story of your wedding with my own and personal approach and artistic vision.

The mountains have been part of my life since my childhood and I would be extremely happy to share with you alpine landscapes and mountain life. I invite you to browse my portfolio and to contact me to work together during the most important day of your life.

Wedding photos in the Swiss Alps

Getting married in the Swiss Alps is a real experience to live. Saying Yes at the top of the mountains will remain a unique and magical moment that will remain etched forever in your memories. I will be at your side to document this extraordinary day as a professional wedding photographer. I have always been in love with the mountains, I practice snowboarding and I know the alpine environment very well. Together, we can organize a beautiful session of couple photos on a peak, on an alp trail or in a beautiful forest. I will also be with you before, during and after your union to advise you if you ever have questions about the operational aspect of your wedding in the mountains.

Unique wedding photos at the top of the mountains

I am used to working in the mountains and I like to enjoy serenity at altitude as a photographer. I am available all over the alpine arc to accompany you and document your wedding. The beauty of alpine landscapes and the light reflected by the snow gives a light of incredible quality.

I also shoot couple photos after (Day After) or before (engagement session) the day of your wedding. These photographs are very different because we have more time to create more personal and stunning images. Together, we can define the place and atmosphere you want to discover in your future images. This experience in the Swiss mountains will remain marked in your memories forever.

Contact your wedding photographer Swiss Alps

From my point of view, dialogue and exchanges are really important because I sincerely wish to personalize each wedding report. Contact me to discuss your unique wedding project in the mountains. In a coffee shop or via skype, I remain at your disposal for any requests for additional information. I invite you to send me an email via my contact form here so that your project starts to come to life.

Swiss Alps Wedding Photographer, Un couple au sommet des montagnes, photographe mariage Alpes suisses