How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

The complete guide to the number of wedding photos.

Planning for the most beautiful day of your life involves considering plenty of things, including the services vendors offer. Couples are often interested in the number of photographs they will receive from their photographer. However, given that every vendor works differently, it’s safe to assume the number of wedding photos will depend on your chosen package.

So, if you are interested in finding the exact number of photos you should expect to receive, it’s best to speak directly to the person you booked. Nonetheless, before you choose the perfect photographer, it’s wise to get familiar with the average number of images photographers provide. You don’t want to book the first person and later find out you could have received more for the price you paid if you booked another vendor.

In this blog, I will discuss the most important things regarding the amount of photos photographers provide. Moreover, I will also list the services most vendors offer, helping you get informed about everything you should know before you book your dream photographer for the day. 

So, without any further ado, let’s delve into the particularities!

How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

This is one of the most common questions couples ask as they are often unsure how many photos for a wedding are enough. The truth is, you can expect to receive plenty, especially if you choose a service that offers 8-hour coverage. However, the exact number will depend on the person you book for your event.

On average, a photographer hired for eight hours would deliver 400 to 800 photographs or 800 to 1000 for 12 hours. In general, most photographers deliver 50 to 100 wedding photos per hour. Nonetheless, you should be aware that this is the average amount you should use only as guidance while filtering out possible vendors.

All wedding photographers have their own methods and styles. Therefore, they will deliver the amount they consider to be enough. What you need to take into account, as well, is that photographers edit the photos from the day, delivering only the highest quality ones.

How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

Factors That Influence The Number of Photos Delivered by The Bridal Photographer

Besides editing and selecting photos of the same instances, other factors also impact the number of wedding photos you get. These include your big day’s theme, as well as your photographer’s style.

Below, I have listed several things to keep in mind so you would know what to ask your vendor before you hire them for your big day.

  1. Single person or a photography team

    The number of photos you get can be higher than the average if you hire a photography team instead of a single person to cover your event. For instance, if several people capture your celebration, you will receive photographs from different angles, especially spontaneous ones. Again, these photos will be edited later, but still, there will certainly be more of them if more than one person takes them.

    So, consider hiring a photographers’ team if you want to get as many photos as possible. Naturally, this will add to the price of the service, so make sure it fits your budget.


  2. Number of locations you choose for your wedding reportage

    If your celebration takes place in numerous locations, you should expect many pictures from each. You may choose to have your getting-ready part in a hotel, first-look in an outdoor area, and then the ceremony in a church. This is just an example, but the concept of your photographs will always be different. There will be distinguished backdrops and settings, meaning your photographer will need to take a lot of photos to capture the feeling and ambiance.

    The geographic location is also important. You don’t photograph the same way in Paris on the street as on a beach on the French Riviera, in a lavender field in Provence or a Palace in Geneva.

    Moreover, don’t forget to consider that if you choose a photographer who has never worked in a particular location, they will need to try different angles before they figure out which ones work best. Professionals usually do this to ensure they don’t miss out on any good points.


  3. Activities on the big day

    If there are multiple activities scheduled on the big day, your photographer will be hired to capture all of them. So try not to miss out on capturing each of them! Your wedding photos will serve to remind you of the precious moments you’ve experienced on the day. In addition, they will also show you instances you were unable to witness firsthand because you were busy doing something else at that very moment. That’s why it’s good to have some photos that will commemorate each moment.


  4. Traditions or rituals included in the ceremony

    Your photographer will take more pictures if you decide to have a ceremony that involves many traditions. This is because they want to be able to capture every important moment – and there certainly will be lots of those! On the contrary, if you opt for a simple ceremony that doesn’t last as long, it’s natural to expect fewer photos.

    The same goes for special rituals you may want to include in your special day. Unique things deserve to be captured because they are worth remembering. They tend to carry a special kind of value that you’ll undoubtedly want to be reminded of years after your big day is over. You and your partner will have these photos as your lifelong memories, so your photographer will work extra hard to produce pictures that cover all the special moments.


  5. Style of your photographs

    The number of wedding photos you will be receiving also depends on the style of photography you want- whether you’re looking forward to receiving more candid photos or you will stick to posed ones. Your photographer is going to be taking a lot of photos if you want more posed pictures. On the contrary, you will probably receive fewer photographs if you seek more candid shots. It all depends on your preferences and what you desire in a finished product.

    You have to consider that if you decide on spontaneous photographs, you may end up with a great number of photos you won’t receive. This is because your photographer will go through them to choose the best ones they will deliver later. High-quality spontaneous photos are the hardest to take, as many are often considered invaluable due to sudden movements and blurriness.



  6. Film photographs

    If you decide that film photography is your preferred approach, you should count on receiving fewer photos. This is because each image needs to be separately developed, which is more time-consuming compared to digital photography. Plus, film photographers shoot on rolls of film, meaning they don’t have infinite shots for coverage. That means your photographer won’t be able to take as many photos as possible if they use a digital camera. But you will still get quality photographs portraying your big day.

    Couples who decide on film photography are usually provided with amazing shots in gorgeous style. Moreover, you should expect to pay higher prices for such a style.


  7. Number of family members

    If you have a large family, your photographer will take more pictures of you. As a result, every family member combination will have to be separately captured, which easily adds up to the total number of images you’ll receive. But, if your family is smaller, you can expect to get fewer photos. What affects the outcome here is the number of people you plan to include in your formal shots.

How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?
How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

How to get the photographs you desire from your day?

Before you hire a photographer, understanding what you will get from their services is important. So, one of the first things you should do is talk to them and discuss everything that is important to you. You can’t expect that your photographer will be able to read your mind and deliver the pictures you want without communicating the details with you. Also, you don’t want to book a person and get disappointed just because you did not ask the right questions before making your decision.

This way, your photographer can probably tell you exactly how many wedding photos you can expect because they will know exactly what you want.

Here are some pointers you should consider before hiring certain photography services.



Talk to your photographer about your expectations

Your photographer should be aware of what you expect from them, as well as the services they provide. Discussing your expectations and their packages will help you make the right choice.

During these conversations, always mention locations, the style of photographs, and the way you want to use your photos. For instance, you should tell them which locations you want your photo sessions to take place, as well as what you want those pictures to be focused on. Moreover, you should mention whether you wish to create an album so they can select the right photographs and make a story out of them.

The more your photographer knows, the better the outcome!



Describe The Style of Your Bridal Celebration

You may decide on a modern or classic marriage celebration with different features. No matter your preferences, you will need to talk to your photographer and explain what you want your shots to portray. This will help them understand what kind of photos you want and the editing they will need. As there are different union and photography styles, each will require a special method of work. To ensure you’re delighted with the results, you’ll need to discuss your expectations with the person you choose to capture your day.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to discuss these things months before your big day. Your photographer needs to be well-prepared to they’re able to deliver the pictures you desire. Otherwise, your idea might not be properly conveyed, and you can be disappointed with the pictures.

It’s always a good idea to ask about the number of wedding photos you will receive after the wedding. However, remember that this number is not always a crucial factor in your choice of a photographer. Some photographers value quality over quantity, meaning they will be extraordinary even if you get fewer pictures. This is a great example of the ‘less is better’ philosophy, but you should ensure you’re entirely informed before making the final pick!

I hope my detailed information has answered your question and will help you define your expectations of your chosen photographer. For more wedding photography insight, please feel free to check out my blog page.

How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?
How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?
How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?
How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

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How many wedding photos should I get from my photographer?

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