Who I am ?

Sylvain Bouzat destination wedding photographer

A gaze that reveals your emotions…

Being in love with photography for years, I have great pleasure in making your wedding’s most beautiful emotion moments last forever. Entirely at your disposal, I will know how to take into account your desires and wants, while keeping a personal and elegant approach, which will make the difference. My style “wedding’s reportage” enables me to catch all these little magical moments, little and yet so important: a smile, a dance step, a gaze…


These moments taken from life will build up unforgettable memories, and every time you’ll have a look at my photographs, you’ll be able to live through again those memories.

Discreet of nature, I will know how to be just the mirror of your happiness throughout your wedding. Bringing my sensitivity, the graphic and aesthetic sense while mastering the technical aspect, is what I love doing. But in the meantime I still convey your emotions and your marriage’s personal vision.

Every wedding is unique. I grant a lot of importance to meeting you before in order to get to know you, so that I can become the honoured witness of your wedding. This approach allows to get original pictures on your union’s day, rare but which convey all the emotion of your commitment.

I am also honored to have been selected by the prestigious ISPWP, Fearless Photographers, Wedding Photojournalist Association (WJPA) and WPS, which brings together the best photographers in the world. Through these associations, I have won many international awards that value my work for years.

Because the most beautiful moments have to stay unforgettable…