Wedding photographer Majorca

Get married in the Balearic Islands with a Majorca wedding photographer.

Lulled by the Mediterranean breeze and the sun that illuminates the island, many lovers come to marry in Majorca. The island has an ideal climate, dry, gentle and very sunny which is conducive for weddings feet in the sand on the beach, in a sumptuous reception or on a yacht.

Located just two hours from France, near Spain and not so far from Monaco, Majorca is a privileged destination for couples seeking sun and change of scenery. The many creeks and deserted beaches are so many places to organize the wedding of your dreams, out of time and places of receptions more conventional. Not far from its little sister Ibiza, Majorca makes couples dream of the whole world by its idyllic framework.

A quality light for unique wedding photos.

The Balearic Sea that borders Majorca as well as the quality of the light are essential elements to realize beautiful wedding photos. Being very sensitive to the quality of colors, contrasts and light, I am particularly attracted by this destination which benefits from many assets.

Before, during and after your wedding, I accompany you and help you personalize your union from the first encounter to the wedding album. I invite you to contact me in order to develop together the frame of the shots according to your expectations so that I can the D day, realize photos that tell the emotions and the highlights of your marriage.

Un excellent photographe mariage Majorque réalise des photos e couple dans l'archipel des Baléares. Destination wedding photographer Majorque.