Wedding photographer Lausanne

Photographe mariage Lausanne

Photographe de mariage Lausanne ,  le marié et sa mère danse, Lausanne wedding photographer

Wedding photographer Lausanne

Getting married in Lausanne

The city of Lausanne located in the canton of Vaud is a unique city. Its geographic situation, its history and its historical inheritance make it one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland. The old town is conducive to take very beautiful wedding photos. Its medieval and rolling streets allow the professional wedding photographer to take stunning photos of your union. You just have to walk around in the streets to fall under the charm of the city and to discover exceptional views on the Lake Geneva and the french Alps.

A city on the Lake Leman

The region of Lausanne also owns very beautiful reception venues with stunning views on the nature and the lake. The light reflected by the Leman is unique and will bring a lot to your wedding photos. Let’s just say there’s no need of a big post-processing to get bright and authentic photos !

Restore strong images

Since 2010, I am constantly looking for moments that make sense. In my eyes, the strongest images are the emotional ones. To capture these precious moments, I try to be as discreet as possible. This discretion allows me to be at the heart of family moments. My vision photo report bring a lot of life and I can capture on the spot a rather incredible range of emotion on a wedding day, from the preparations to the first dances.

Your wedding photographer Lausanne

Your wedding photographer Lausanne will guide you from your first exchanges on to define a shot frame which suits your expectations. A good preparation beforehand as well as numerous exchanges is essential to realise the most beautiful photos of your union…

I invite you to contact me now. dialogue and listening are very important because they will define how I will carry out the report according to your personalities.

Le baiser de la mariée avec un photographe mariage Lausanne