Wedding photographer Ibiza

Photographe mariage Ibiza

Photographe mariage Ibiza, un beau couple de marié marchent sur la plage, wedding photographer Ibiza

Wedding photographer Ibiza

getting married in Balearic islands and in Ibiza

Who does not dream of getting married in Ibiza, in the idyllic setting of this island in the sun, feet in the sand at the edge of the turquoise blue sea?

Ibiza is the ideal place to formalize your union. Well known for its festivities, the archipelago of Balearic islands conceals many secrets such as coves and splendid and isolated beaches, places of reception of high standing and hotels to the measure of your union. Ibiza and its sister Formentera form a setting for beautiful wedding photos with the crystal clear sea in the background. There are also beautiful images to make in the arid lands, at the time of the setting sun.

Wedding photos in Ibiza

The privileged climate of the island is dry, mild and very sunny. This Mediterranean climate lends itself perfectly in terms of colors, hues and contrasts to wedding photos. Being very sensitive to this type of light, I will be happy to accompany you and guide you in the couple photo shoot. I love to work and shoot in Ibiza because of the quality of the light. Ibiza is also a perfect destination for elopement, couple shooting or day after shootings. We can take our time and create beautiful and candid photos.

Contact your wedding photographer Ibiza

Your wedding photographer Ibiza will accompany you from our first exchanges to the wedding album to define a shooting frame that meets your expectations. Excellent preparation, especially with your wedding planner if you have chosen one, upstream and many exchanges are very important to achieve the most beautiful shots of your union…

I invite you now to contact me to exchange your voice about your wedding project in Ibiza. We can then define together your expectations and create stunning photos.

Un excellent photographe mariage Ibiza réalise des photos e couple dans l'archipel des Baléares. Destination wedding photographer Ibiza.