Answers to your questions…

Why would I choose to hire a professional wedding photographer?

You can rely on a skilled person, who is used to work in the marriage field. Through his/her years of experience, this person has developped his/her own way to look at things, his/her own style. He/She took the habit of anticipating events and to stand at the right place at the right time. A professional photographer knows how to make you forget about his/her presence, but once you hold the pictures in your hands, you won’t be able to forget about him/her…

Can we meet?

Yes we can, and this is a very important step. To choose the right photographer who will suit your vision of your wedding, that’s crucial. Human contact is essential in that choice as the way you feel about the photographer will play an important role in your final decision. The photographer will have to follow you all day long during the D-Day, therefore it is better to feel comfortable around him/her. In case a meeting is not possible, videoconference (skype, facetime, etc) is another solution and just as good.

How do you behave during the wedding?

Discretion mainly describes my work. I will be present but very discreet, respectful. I get lost in the crowd, I never put myself forward. A simple and discreet presence but which will capture all the moments of emotion through the whole day…

How much time will you stay with us?

From the preparations until the cocktail or until the dancefloor, or I could even stay several days if you wish it. I really do want to be there for the preparations. It ist he best way to become familiar with your world, your relatives and friends and thus to enter silently in your bubble. This will influence considerably the quality of the photos throughout the day.

How many photos do you take on the D-Day?

I don’t have a defined limit…As long as I take all the unique instants in picture, I don’t count how many there are of them. The goal is however to give priority to the quality rather than the quantity. In the end, I deliver between 600 and 900 retouched pictures of quality, depending on how long the service is.

When do we receive the photos?

In less than 10 days you will receive all the retouched pictures on digital support. As far as the albums are concerned, several weeks are necessary to make a perfect product, suiting your expectations.

How do we receive the photos?

You will receive your photos in high definition on a digital support. You will also be able to share them with your relatives and friends from the first week following your wedding, thanks to a page dedicated to you and protected by a password that only you will know about so that you will be able to decide whether or not to share your photos.

What type of material do you use?

I own two top-of-the-range Canon bodies as well as lens of the same brand and with perfect results. I sometimes use an extra flash to control the light and create different pictures, still these latter always stay natural.

Do you travel for your work?

Yes, and I love it ! To discover new places, to feel new vibrations… In France, in Europe or else, I am following you to the end of the world…

How to make sure that you reserved the day of our wedding?

A deposit enables to reserve the day and also confirms my commitment to you for this day.