Wedding awards 2016

The year 2016 was marked by some wedding awards, ie photos awarded at international photo competitions. I have the honor of being a member (and being selected) of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, Fearless Photographers and also Wedding Photographer Select.

These specialized sites bring together the best photographers and highlight their work through numerous photo competitions. These are real competitions that allow photographers around the world to push back their comfort zone and to look for new images through their creativity.

The image below was captured during the wedding elopement of Kristin & Jody in Crillon Le Brave in Drôme Provençale. There was a lot of incense in this church and a ray of magical light was falling through a stained glass window. The bride and groom saw my eyes sparkle when I showed them the stairs to access the floor … They understood why a few months later back in Houston, when they received a small mail with a link presenting this image in the ISPWP and WPS selection.

A new wedding award 2016 for the best french photographer in France Sylvain Bouzat

The second image is a simple photo, but with a strong emotional impact because sincere and true. This priest who embraces the newlyweds in a spontaneous way and with a lot of tenderness, I confess to you that I do not necessarily have the habit to see it during the ceremonies of marriage. This photo was selected by WPS.

A new wedding awards 2016, sylvain Bouzat one of the best wedding photographer in France, french Riviera

The picture below reminds me of a beautiful day in Chamonix. Eoin of New Zealand and Jehanne from England really blasted their wedding party with a big swing of rock’n roll and smiles. This picture represents the complicity and spirit of this couple. Life as a couple is an adventure, and it’s a lot more fun to live it at two hundred percent and in a good mood, aleur way. This photo has been selected by WPS.

One of the best french wedding photographer in France, Sylvain Bouzat follow you in paris, the Alps and the French Riviera Wedding Awards 2016

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